Fellowship of Isis

Fellowship of Isis
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

reading list for brow chakra work

The Ancient Art of Color Therapy / Linda Clark . -- Pocket Books, c1975.

Basic Psychic Development / John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher. -- Weiser, c1998.

Creative Visualization / Shakti Gawain. -- Whatever Publishing, c1978.

Light : Medicine of the Future / Jacob Lieberman. -- Bear & Co., c1991.

Seeing With the Mind;s Eye / Samuels and Samuels. -- Random House, c1976.

The Psychic Healing Book / Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin. -- Wingbow Press, c1981.

The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes / . Ken Wilber. -- Shambhala, c182.

Crystals for the liturgy

from the "Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals," Cassandra Eason, Collins & Brown, c2003.

Brow or Third Eye Chakra:

color = indigo or purple

location = just above the bridge of the nose, in the center of the brow

areas of influence = eyes and ears, sinuses, left and right hemispheres of the brainb, and the central cavity of the brain. Communication with angels and devas. Spiritual healing aboilities, mediumship, and prophetic powers. The brow chakra connects us to our guides and our own higher knowledge.

imbalances = unexplained blurred vision, headaches and migraines, blocked sinuses, earache, insomnia, nightmares.

blue crystals = increase existing opportunities in business, career, finances, and improves leadership qualities. Blue aids long-distance travel and house-moves, and promotes success in both legal and official matters. The color of healers, blue is a natural antiseptic. It also relieves headaches and migraines, fevers, high blood pressure, eye strain, earache, and sore throats.


Blue howlite


Blue lace agate

blue quartz


Lapis lazuli






blue coral



blue chalcedony

rainbow opal


blue topaz

blue calcite

hawk's eye

blue goldstone

aqua aura




Purple = relates to the inner self, unconscious wisdom, increasing psychic powers, meaningful dreams, accurate divination, meditation, and past-life work and psychic protection. An all-healer, purple relieves allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, eye, ear, nose, and skin problems, and migraines. The color purple is a natural sedative.





Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Wheels of Light" by Rosalyn Bruyere

I have extracted some parts of this outstanding book that deal with the Third Eye / Sixth Chakra.

Here are some 6th Chakra correspondences:
color: purple
body: celestial
gland: pineal
animal: archetypes; all spirits, living and dead
element: radium
gemstone: alexandrite
contains: inspiration; insight
people: spirit teachers; spiritual friends

Rosalyn Bruyere calls the subtle body that corresponds to the 6th Chakra as "the celestial body," the one that holds our individual future and is also our access to that future (p.46)

The term "celestial" derives from antiquity where it was believed that the future existed in space and that one day each of us would die and become a "star," thus returning to the divine celestial light from which we had come. However, this would not occur until we had accumulated enough light [enlightenment] to illuminate a section of heaven. (Manly P. Hall, "Secret Teaching of All Ages.") The celestial body is that realm of light; and being associated with illumination, this body influences all that light enables us to "see." Put another way, the celesrial body allows us literally to "see the light." It is the realm of "sight" in all of its various manifestations: clairvoyance, visualization, insight, foresight, inspiration, psychic phenomena, and finally physical manifestation itself (from the thought, dream, fear, or other feeling to physical reality. (p.47)

The evolutionary cycle is reflected in metaphysical doctrine...[it] was known to the Native Americans and symboliozed by them in the chakra system...the lower chakras are aligned to animal forms. The first chakra is the snake, the second chakra is fish, the third chakra is bird or fowl, the fourth is mammal, and man resides in the fifth center. The sixth chakra takes man one step further into the collective and the spiritual, since...it is aligned with all spirits, living and dead...(p.53)

the sixth chakra is located between the brows. (p.69)

when a stimulus comes into the body it is registered in the first chakra [as] a change in [its] electromagnetic field...producing an energy flow...into the second...energy then continues to flow into the sixth chakra...From antiquity this center has been cloaked in "mystery." Nearly everyone would agree that there is nothing mysterious about physical sight: the eyes see. For some, psychic sight may seem mysterious, but it is not. The third eye also sees; it allows us several kinds of perceptions. It provides the means by which we perceive extrasensorily. It should also enable us to see "what is so," not just what is ours. We as a people tend to "see" or "take in" what is in our own energy flow, what is reflected from our own field, what is on our own path. We do not often see a complete picture but instead focus on individual rather than universal problems. As a result, we continue to "see through a glass darkly" [1 Cor. 13:12] The third eye allows us a clearer, more expansive vision. After entering the Third Eye, the energy flow touches the pituitary gland, reflects off the pineal gland, and mushrooms out through the top of the crown . This pattern holds if energy is allowed to flow up and out. However, if one chooses to do anything with the energy, the flow will reflect off the pineal and then hit the pituitary, after which it will continue its movement out through the third eye, where manifestation can occur. The ancient Egyptians symbolized this movement in their image of a cobra poised and ready to strike , head expanded. (p. 69-71)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Neptune, August 2008

Neptune in highlighted astrologically this summer, 2008.

Neptune is also a major force in the Liturgy, "Opening the Eye of Vision."

The liturgy is about perceptionor discernment of truth; Neptune is about truth and illusion.

Here follows great information from M. Kelley Hunter's newsletter kellhunter@earthlin k.net about Neptune. I hope this knowledge will help us prepare in the best possible way for the celebration of this liturgy on September 10:

"The remote blue planet with its bevy of exotic moons mythically reflects the delicately shapeshifting veils of illusion. Discovered in 1846, with an orbit of 165 years, Neptune's passage through the zodiac lasts beyond a single lifetime and creates 14-year astrological generations. Its atmospheric storms and winds are the wildest in the solar system. Four bands form a delicate ring system of ice crystals embedded in a magnetic field tilted off-center 50 degrees to the equator. The last I looked, though the count may have increased, Neptune has eight known moons: Triton, Nereid, Larissa, Proteus, Naiad, Galatea, Thalassa and Despina --such Neptunian names! Sounds like a computer game.

The question with Neptune involves our awareness that the world is as we dream it, as the shamans tell us. Shamanic wavelengths are opening, with Chiron, the Shaman, approaching Neptune and RIGHT ON the North Node of the Moon, also called the Dragon Head. The Nodes announce eclipses, defining where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun from our viewpoint. The North Node is the cosmic challenge. We don't want to miss this door to new worlds, we catch the wave or being caught in the undertow and swept back to sea and have a tough time getting back, even if we can.

The high side of Neptune is mystical. Try to clear any blatant or subtle addictive-type patterns, including technology habits, so the spiritual frequencies are clearly welcomed. This is a potential tsunami in consciousness with swells coming in through 2009. "

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hy-Brazil is a mysterius island, an earthly paradise, which features in many Irish myths.

It was said to be cloaked in mist, except for one day each seven years, when it became visible but could still not be reached.

The names Brazil and Hy-Brazil are thought to come from the Irish Uí Breasail (meaning "descendants (i.e., clan) of Breasal"), one of the ancient clans of northeastern Ireland.


This name is also spelled as hy Brazil, Hy Breasil, Hy Breasail, Hy Breasal, Hy Brasil [cf. Old Irish Í, island; bres, beauty, worth; great, mighty]

Hy Brasil was once thought to lie at the same latitude as Ireland but far out to sea.

Although perhaps of Irish origin, the concept of Hy Brasil clearly owes much to the older European myth of the lost Atlantis. Some commentators speculate an Irish antecedent in Barc Bresail [Old Irish barc, boat-shaped structure found on land], a wooden fortress built in Leinster by Bresal the ‘High King of the World’ and destroyed by Tuathal Techtmar.

The island Hy Brasil appears, under many different names, on medieval maps, and was the subject of cartographer Angelinus Dalorto's thesis L'Isola Brazil (Genoa, 1325). Dalorto's spelling influenced the naming of the South American nation Brazil, although maps after Columbus's time still showed an island of approximately that name west of Ireland.

Regardless of its origin, Hy Brasil is often cited in Irish tradition, sometimes being associated with the Aran Islands. The Tuatha Dé Danann were thought to have fled there after their defeat by the Milesians. In The Celtic Twilight (1893), W. B. Yeats reports speaking to fishermen who claimed to have sailed out as far as ‘Hy Brazil’; they describe an island without labour, care, or cynical laughter where one can enjoy the conversation of Cúchulainn and his heroes.

See T. J. Westropp, ‘Brasil and the Legendary Islands of the North Atlantic’, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 30 (1912), 223–60; William Larminie's poem ‘The Finding of Hy Brasil’, in Glanus (London, 1889), 72; Eamon de Buitléar's film Hy Brasil (1972) suggests identification with the Azores.

The legend states that the people of Hy Brasil became so pure of heart that the island became invisible and can only be seen by those who are free from all worldly desires.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Myth Creates the Reality

this is insight Joan received in a recent journey:

"“There are two ways of working with spiritual information. The way you know well is how to feel energy that is present, and to create a story to let that energy bubble up to consciousness. By naming the energy, you process it.

“The other way, a more profound way, is to live the myth to create the reality. Create the story, live the energy of the story, and that creates the reality in the physical world.... It is the step you have feared to take: to become the myth and create the reality. It means to not be content simply with what your individual consciousness can comprehend, and what it seeks for its own purposes. Instead, you will embody the Dream that the Dreamer (the Creator) is dreaming. This is a much more powerful way of working with the spirit realm. It is the step you are being called to take.”

it is somewhat disconcerting to take on a whole new consciousness, one that is not one's individual consciousness, and yet is something one is part of. It is an amazing, wonderful reality to support and participate in.

the goddess Athena has many correspondences with Brigid, the main deity to whom the Eye of Vision is dedicated. She appeared at the end of this meditation. Brigid / Athena is very comfortable with this energy, as goddesses of the Upperworld, who create the “blueprints” for what transpires in the material realm.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

theme threads in 3 liturgies

To view the progression of the themes of last three Goddess Festival liturgies, in order to see the threads connecting these annual experiences, visit the blogs associated with them:.

2006 - The Descent of the White Eagle: http://descentofthewhiteeagle.blogspot.com
2007 - The Creation of Life Forms: http://creationoflifeforms.blogspot.com

2008 - Now we come to 2008's liturgy, "Eye of Vision".

The Oracle at the beginning talks about three kinds of Vision The Eye of Vision, Light and Truth. Brigid appears to an old woman, Mary, telling her that the Goddess is coming again. Mary becomes a poet of the Goddess. There are accounts of several visions people have had of the Goddess appearing to them.

So far, the people participating in this liturgy have encountered a lot of chaos. Very basic things like settling on a place to hold the Festival have been difficult to coordinate: there seem to always be unexpected, unforeseen things coming up that change the plan and make the going difficult.

I am realizing that "Eye of Vision" is saying that the new world, the world of the Goddess/Divine Feminine, is here now. The old world which was destroyed (see "White Eagle") went to regenerate in the womb of Night/Nuit/Naut (see"Life Forms") Now in "Eye of Vision" we are having our first visions of the new world of the Goddess.

The visionary journey in "Eye of Vision", exemplified by the learning of the Candidate, is that there is no need to lament loss, because all that is good is really eternal; that we create our own future; and that Truth is the only real basis from which to create anything. This shows us how we can create a greater internal realization and external manifestation of the new Goddess world.